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A fellow minister ask me what I was hearing from the Lord for 2016. Like many ministers, especially when I was pastoring, I would enquire of the Lord for a prophetic word concerning the upcoming year. I told this minister I wasn't hearing anything.

However, I do have some observations. Simultaneously I see several factions in the Church. Now don't get me wrong. The Church, ekklesia, is good and will not pass away. The reason I think I hear nothing about 2016 is because, like never before, what this year will bring is in the faith of each believer. Sounds cliche, doesn't it?

We are coming ever closer to a spiritually epic change in the Kingdom when this age will end and another will begin. This new year will be one of great shifting, increased blessing and advancement IF a believer is positioned for such. By positioned I mean in their relationship with God. If not, things will stay pretty much the same with a possible slight decline in quality of life.

The factions in the church are:

The Remnant who are always quietly aware of what God is doing in the moment and not carried away by religious fads nor moved off course by circumstances. They know he power of Holy Spirit and can operate the manifestations and fruit of the Spirit.

The Party People who just want an experience and not a relationship with God.

The Touchy/Feeling People who are only into love, love, love and the heart of the Father. Sounds great, right? The problem is these forsake increasing in the knowledge of the Word of God and a respect for the Commandments in favor of 'all you need is love'. They don't see that being a student of the Word and a keeper of the Commandments demonstrates our love for God.

The Dinosaur People are stuck in the Jesus movement or the Azusa Movement or in some past Revival or in Religious Tradition. They pretend to be relevant and flowing with the move of God, but except for modern clothes and hairstyles, church looks the same as it always has. They say they recognize Holy Spirit, but don't refuse it's full operation among believers.

Remnant people learn the Word of God with depth and balance and they hold to it. They embrace the full manifestation of Holy Spirit while maintaining their focus on the entire Godhead with a spiritual balance. They appreciate revival times, but they are steadfast in their position within their relationship with God, their knowledge of the Word and their ability manifesting Holy Spirit. They spend time with God. Their identity is found in Christ. They are earth-effective and Heaven-minded.

What about 2016? Be a Remnant person and it will be a year of signs, miracles and wonders. It will be filled with peace and security in Christ.


Introducing RELAUNCH!


With a heart for the small church and a history of helping small to medium sized churches turn around

difficult situations, Dr. Linda smith has decided to make it official. Under the name of Relaunch, the

ministry will have the goal of helping struggling assemblies evaluate, repair and relaunch into their

communities in order to become more relevant and effective in ministry.

The Bible says believers are Spirit, Soul and Body (1 Thessalonioans 5:23). Churches are also spirit,

soul and body. (The congregation, the mission and the vision). All three will be considered in the

Relaunch program.

The program will:

  • Identify any negative or detrimental issues.
  • Formulate and implement solutions.
  • Assist in redefining vision and application.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation, contact us at phcc@freethem.org, or write to

PO Box 708, San Marcos, TX 78667



Life Coaching

With 35 years in ministry leadership and Christian counselling, and as a former CFO of a marketing

corporation, Dr. Linda Smith is taking on a new assignment as a Life Coach.

Identify your passions, and find your calling or purpose in God

Heal soul wounds, habits and other obstacles that hinder implementing your passions, calling and


Formulate a plan to achieve your purpose

Help you navigate and stick to your plan

Keep your focus on the eternal principles of God

Life Coaching will utilize face-to-face meetings and technology to communicate.

For more information on Life Coach services, contact Dr. Smith at phcc@freethem.org.


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