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Attitude of Excellence

    We have been disturbed by the trend toward destruction in society.  People think  nothing of trashing their environment or the environment of others.  Those who work in customer service (restaurant workers, retailers, anything where we work with the general public) are rude, or don't care if they do a good job or not, cheat their employers and customers.  Employers cut corners, cheat their employees, mismanage time and resources.  We don't take good care of our children.  We cuss around them and let them see all sorts of trash on television and in movies.  We ignore our pets and put them in danger.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

       So we started the Attitude of Excellence to address these problems.  We offer evaluations and correction to churches, corporations, groups, governments, etc., in an effort to apply God's excellent ways to daily life.  Below is an excerpt of a recent presentation given by Dr. Smith. 

       Attitude - A position of the body or manner of carrying ones' self. A state of mind.  A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.

       Excellence - The state, quality or condition of excelling.  Superiority. The quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree.

         We serve a superior God.  He is superior to our needs.  



1. What is your biggest personal problem right now?

2. What has God called you to do?

3. What is your core reality? That is, what do you really believe about yourself deep down if you were being absolutely honest with yourself?

To get what you've never had, you must do something you’ve never done.

1. Maybe you’ll have to wait as they did in Acts in the upper room.

2. Maybe you’ll have to fish again in the same place as they did in the gospels when Jesus told them to launch their nets.

3. Maybe you’ll have to bring your body into subjection as instructed in,  I Corinthians 9:27

4. Maybe you’ll have to forgive – Matthew 6:12

5. Maybe you’ll have to think less about what YOU want and more about what GOD wants. Luke 12:31, John 5:30

6. Maybe you’ll have to leave fear and find courage. II Timothy 1:7

7. Pray more; complain less


Isn’t it time to go all the way with God? Don’t you miss being close to or intimate with God? I've got good news for you! The time of the Lord’s favor is here and now. (Luke 4:17-19)

       We are captives when we are tired and disillusioned, stagnant in our walk with the Lord and in our ministries.  When our calling seems dormant. When you’re wondering is that all there is? It’s time for a change in attitude and latitude.  It’s time to go higher!


There is order in everything God has done, is doing, or will do:

         Creation -- There is Order

         Building the Ark -- There is Order

         Tribes of Israel/Law  --  There is Order

         Plan of salvation   --  There is Order

         Function of the Holy Spirit in the Church  --  There is Order

         New Jerusalem  --  There is Order

When we have disorder in our attitude, thoughts, lives, it is indicating a non-application of God. We’ve gotten so free in grace that we’ve thrown out everything else.  Not all things are expedient and, we are wasting God’s gifts and resources.

       Attitude of Excellence is a personal revelation.  I Corinthians 6:19-20  Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's. (Same context as “all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient”.)

       Haggai   (Strong's  # 2292, Pronounced khag-gah'-ee); festive; Chaggai, a Heb. prophet:


               - Called to Rebuild the Temple         

               - Obedience to God’s Call

               - New Temple’s Splendor

               - Blessings Promised for Obedience

               - Prophesy with Promise


zer-oob-baw-bel'  to wax confused

sheh-al-tee-ale' I have asked God


yeh-ho-shoo'-ah Jehovah saved          yeh-ho-tsaw-dawk' Jehovah righted


       We live in luxurious houses while God’s house lies in ruins.  We get fake nails, hair color, exercise, plastic surgery, liposuction, stomach staples, tanning, clothes, cosmetic dentistry, jewelry, tattoos. The inside lies in ruins. It’s time to plug up the holes! But even better! It’s time for a brand new bag!


Plant/not enough harvest,        Eat/still hungry, Drink/still thirsty

Dressed up/still cold, Earn money/lose it faster than we earn it


       God wants us to reap the same as we sowed. II Cor 9:6.  But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Or even be as the bird, not laboring yet blessed. Consider the lilies of the field. Now we are to go up to the mountains to get what is provided. (Ps 121). Now I know we are living in the grace dispensation or administration, but God has not changed and what He liked or didn’t like before, He still likes or doesn’t like now. There’s just forgiveness now through Jesus Christ, but we still reap what we sow.  That’s a law.

Haggai 1:14         Stirred up the spirit = Sparked the enthusiasm.

       Can you remember to compare?  It must seem like nothing to you now.  When you first get saved and during personal revivals, you are so aware of the awesomeness of God and you begin to correct areas of your life and establish the evidence of righteousness. When we begin to forget, the evidence of righteousness and the corrections made begin to fade. 

       Many Christians want Jehovah saved without Jehovah righted.  They won’t ask the Lord and they are growing confused. When we go back to where God is and get what He has provided, . . .

       Take courage Jehovah saved son of Jehovah righted! God is going to do some shaking! He’s going to turn things upside down and empty the pockets and the treasures will come back.  The silver is His, the gold is His.  Everything we have is His.  We seem to forget that.  We don’t ask Him the questions. EVERYTHING the people did and EVERYTHING the  people offered was defiled.

        Don’t you feel like that sometimes?  This is why people go around thinking God is mad at them and is withholding favor. God wants thrones brought down.  II Corinthians 10:4-5. Casting down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.        Attitude is predetermined.  We have the power to change ours.


I Corinthians 12: 31, But earnestly desire the best gifts. And yet I show you a more excellent way.


God's Wife/Bride of Christ

She is as old as history and as young as today.  She is eternal.  She is perfection with a sinful past.  She is hopeless and hopeful in one enigmatic package.  We can read about her throughout history though she is never named.  We live with her every day and know her not.  She rarely recognizes herself.  She is one and at the same time myriad.  And she waits.


She looks toward the East longing for someone whose eyes she has never seen. In a curiously and wonderfully arranged marriage, she will join Him for eternity.  During her long wait which often seems like a deep sleep, she will know sin righteousness, persecution and joy, barrenness and multiplication. She marches steadily on, sometimes hanging on by the slimmest of faithful threads. And then, with a suddenness that leaves her breathless, she revives. These brief bursts of life have come with infinite manifestations and while seemingly short lived, always leave more hope than she had known before. And she waits.

In times past, this Bride of Christ-to-be was seduced by the worst representatives of evil known to mankind, abused by the cruelest suitors, scattered and torn. It was a cruel deception even from the beginning. After all, how better to ravage a man than to seduce his wife?  How could she have been such a fool? She had everything and carelessly tossed everything aside for the empty promises from a beautiful but deadly enemy. Now she was condemned by her own actions to a life of sorrow that would reach into the generations issuing from her loins. And yet she knew just before she was completely done in, she would be rescued by the ever present strength of her knight on a white horse. And so she stands tall, cleans herself off, adorns herself in fresh garments and continues to look for Him. Though she has, at times, let it grow dim, she keeps a light burning in the window of her heart. And she waits.  (Excerpt from book)

There are few subjects as intriguing as the Marriage of the Lamb to the Bride. We know about the Lamb (Jesus Christ), but. . .Who is the Bride? What's she like? Where is she? The message of Isaiah 62:3-5 is that there is one who will be crowned with a glorious crown of marriage in the hand of God. There's one who will no longer be called forsaken, nor their land desolate. But, that one shall be called Hephzibah, in whom the Lord delights, and the land shall be called Beulah, the married one. Just as a young man marries a virgin, your sons shall marry you; and because the bridegroom rejoices over the Bride, your God will rejoice over you.

We must, as individuals in the Body of Christ, get serious about our position in the kingdom of heaven. The Bridegroom is rejoicing and He's coming soon for His Bride.

"God's Wife, the Bride of Christ" explores the character of the Bride; her beauty, her royal lineage and shows the scriptural evidence of a royal heavenly wedding.

Available in paperback and hardback.  Email freethem@freethem.org for prices and availability.  First time visitors to PowerHouse Christian Center get a free copy, one per family.

To schedule Dr. Linda Smith to present the subject of the Bride of Christ at your next event, email lsmith@freethem.org.



This information is given to assist those who are not familiar with the ‘church world’ to sort through the many choices that are to be made in finding a church to attend. This booklet will help you know what to expect when you get there. The anxiety of the unknown can be changed to excited anticipation by equipping you with the information you need to comfortably interact in the church environment.

Church should always be a blessing. The church ‘family’ can be the best experience you have ever had with your fellow human beings. Some people have said they feel closer to the people in their congregation than anybody else in their life. A good pastor can be a source of great help in times of trouble and an inspiration.

Many churches now have websites that show what they believe and even video services which allow you to scope out the church before you ever attend. 

The process of finding the congregation that is just right for your family is not necessarily a quick and easy one. It may take several visits to various congregations or several visits to the same congregation to ensure that you have found a church home. We also encourage you to be courageous in trying new types of Christian churches than you may have known before, as long as they are solidly based in Christian/Biblical living.

We encourage you to attend the church of your choice. May God bless your search.

Do I really need to attend church?

If you have thought about where you would go to church, that is a good indicator that you feel the need to attend. The scriptures simply state that we should gather ourselves together for worship. (See Book of Hebrews 10:25) You can and should have a relationship with God that is personal and not just dependent upon a church building or congregation. We also have the example that Jesus gave us. He attended church, even as a small child and even though there were people in church that didn’t agree with him.

How do I select a church to attend?

There are two types of churches; denominational or nondenominational (sometimes called interdenominational).

Denominational churches will have a church doctrine that affiliates them with a particular code of practice followed by a group of like churches. Some of the more commonly known denominations are Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, etc. The library will have books defining the different denominations. It would be nice if all churches within a certain denomination were just alike. But, that is not the case. So if you are attracted to a certain denomination, but do not care for a particular assembly, try another church within the same denomination.

You might choose a denomination because its policies seem to match beliefs you have about how churches should operate. Or, you might have a childhood background in a certain denomination and therefore, you would be more comfortable with what is familiar. 

Non- or Interdenominational churches are congregations that are not affiliated doctrinally with another church although they may or may not have internal codes they have written by which they conduct themselves. These churches may be in an association of churches, but not a denomination by definition. These churches usually suit a wide variety of individuals and can be a very free and nurturing environment. However, make sure, before committing yourself to a congregation that the minister is qualified by education and that the congregation as a whole is answerable or accountable to the people and/or another organization. This will offer some protection from cults.

While location and convenience are certainly considerations, one of the main considerations is how well your family and the church you select will integrate. 

If your family is not enriched by the church activities and messages, it won’t matter how convenient the location is, you will not be blessed and will not enjoy the experience.

Most churches have an introductory class that acquaints you with their particular congregation and basic tenets of faith or operating doctrines. These classes are usually required for membership, but you are not required to join just because you take the classes. These classes can be an excellent way to get a ‘handle’ on the atmosphere and function of that group.

After you attend these introductory classes, the leadership should be ready, willing and able to answer any remaining questions you may have. If the person leading the classes can’t answer your questions, they should be willing to find out the answer and get back to you. If they are unwilling to entertain any questions this should be a red flag indicating there may be problems within that group. However, in fairness to that church, if the class leader does not offer answers, present your questions to the Pastor directly at a mutually convenient time before dismissing the idea of attending that church.

What type of people will be at church?

Churches are like any other public place you enter: There will be people of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations. There will be single parents, traditional families, widows, widowers, teens, and children. Sometimes congregations are mostly made up of certain ethnic groups. Some congregations might have more senior citizens than another. In other words - it varies.

You should attend a church that meets the demographic needs of your whole family. There should be thriving classes and programs for all age groups. They might even have specialized interest groups (young singles, single parents, etc.).  It’s not always a bad thing to interact with people outside your age group; be adventuresome.

These people will not be perfect. Some will be struggling with addictive behavior, divorce, poverty, hypocrisy, pride, or various other problems. But, they are all looking for answers and making an effort to better their lives.

We recommend not going by first impressions unless it is a very negative experience. Judge the church first by how it is operated and by the leadership.

What will they expect from me?

You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. You are in charge of you. A well-run church will make sure you are made welcome without openly embarrassing newcomers. They may ask you to fill out address cards. It is up to you whether you fill one out. If you do, you will probably be put on a mailing list. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is still your choice. Often the leader of the meeting will welcome new visitors verbally and at that time, the congregation may applaud. This just means they are happy you are there.

They may want you to stand and everyone will applaud to show they are happy you are there. THIS IS NOT FATAL! They mean it in the best way. However, if you do not want to stand up - DON’T.

If you attend often in a short period of time, they may begin to make offers to you to become involved in different activities or programs. If you are enjoying what you have seen so far, you can explore these activities. No matter how much well-meaning people pressure you to participate, you have a free will. You decide how much and when you will get involved.

It seems like churches are always wanting money.

Yes, many ministers and churches ‘cry’ for money. There should not be pressure put on you to give. One of the main resources the church has to obtain operating capital is from what is called tithes and offerings. Tithing is the practice from the Bible of giving 10% of what you earn toward the work of the ministry. This is what God has asked for. It is between you and God what ministry you support. But, there are many biblical benefits to tithing.

Some churches ask for ‘offerings’ beyond your tithe. Again, this is a practice seen in scripture. This is a voluntary offering and is, again, up to you. Be realistic.  If you go to a movie, they can only stay open because people pay money to see the movies.  Churches have to pay bills too.  They can’t operate without money.

I notice people carrying bibles into church. Do I have to bring one?

No. In some churches, especially denominational, no one is expected to bring their own Bible and, in fact, it is not customary. In most nondenominational churches it is customary to bring your Bible, but not mandatory. Again, it is up to you. You may get a few ‘looks’ if you take one to a church where it is not customary, however, that should not keep you from taking your Bible if you so desire. You may also get a few ‘looks’ if you don’t have one in a church where it is customary to bring a bible. However, ‘looks’, while uncomfortable, are not fatal and it is your personal choice to bring a Bible or not to bring a Bible.

Many churches now display on a large screen, the scripture being read. This is nice for the visitor who may not have a bible with them.

In either case, most churches have what are known as pew Bibles available to use at your seat. If you do not own a Bible and cannot obtain one, you can probably get one at the church that you can keep. Ask whoever is in charge of visitors or ask an usher or deacon. These are usually men and usually wearing a nametag that indicates they are an usher, etc.

What if the services make me uncomfortable?

Some congregations can get pretty exuberant in their praising of the Lord. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Anything you are not accustomed to can make you uncomfortable. Some services can be borderline boring. We suggest you give the service a fair chance, particularly if attending church is a new experience to you. You might have happened to attend an unusual service for that church.  One full service can be tolerated unless it is extremely distasteful. As we’ve said before, you might want to try a second service just to make sure what a ‘normal’ service is for that church.

In a formal, controlled service, you will be told when to sit, stand, sing, etc. You may even be given a bulletin that tells you the order of service. The other end of that spectrum is what is called a spirit-filled service. In this kind of service, you might see anything from excited, contemporary singing to dancing and clapping. Again, we cannot emphasize enough that you are in charge of you. If you want to just observe and not participate, do so!

Another thing you might see and hear is what is called speaking in tongues, interpretation and prophesying. This will sound very strange to you if you have no church experience. But again, these things are not fatal and you might find you enjoy such a spiritual environment. Some churches do not believe in these things even though they are in the New Testament section of the Bible. If you are curious about the operation of the Holy Spirit and want to know more, see if there are some classes you can take at that church or ask to meet with the Pastor or the designated representative to ask questions.

Whatever does or does not happen, should you become very uncomfortable, you are free to leave at any time you desire. It is church, not jail.

I have heard the words ‘salvation’ and ‘born again’ in connection with church.  What do they mean?

This is the most important criteria for any church you attend. This is found throughout the Bible, especially the book of John (sometimes called St. John) chapter 3, verse 16, and also in the book of Romans, chapter 10, verses 9 and 10. And it is simply this: believe Jesus, the Son of God shed His blood and died in order to pay for the sins of the world, your sins. And that God raised Him from the dead, that He ascended into heaven and that He is your Lord and Savior.

This is a very basic explanation of a miraculous truth. For a more expanded explanation of this, please order the literature shown at the end of this brochure.

What should I wear to a service?

Dress codes vary quite a bit between churches. More and more, churches are becoming less formal, but when attending for the first time, you may want to play it a little safe.  A good rule of thumb is as follows:

Women                                                Men

Dress or skirt covering the knees.                Dress shirt and tie.

Modest blouse.                                        Jacket optional.

Modest makeup if worn.                                Long slacks.

As you get more familiar with a particular group, you may adjust your clothing as appropriate. But these guidelines will serve you well in most cases. Unless you just like extremely controlled environments, we suggest that any congregation that enforces severe dress codes be avoided.

How do I find out when services are held?

Call the church. Look on the sign in front of the building. Check out their website. Most churches have their service times recorded in their phone system or a receptionist who can tell you the times of service. And many churches have their services times listed in the telephone directory, but you should call to confirm as these can sometimes change. Plan to arrive ten minutes before the service to allow plenty of time for parking and the walk to the entry.


I found a church I like, should I join?

We really suggest that unless you have had experience with churches in the past and therefore have something to compare, visit a couple of different churches before you settle down to one. But, of course, if you have had such a positive experience at the first church you entered and are sure, by all means, join. Church membership is not required for salvation or going to heaven. It is usually a requirement if you want to be involved in various programs within a congregation.

Church membership can be extremely rewarding. As we said earlier, they will be like good family. They are still human and therefore fallible, but there is a common bond that will withstand the test of time.

One note of caution: Any church leadership who isolates their people can be dangerous. By isolate, we mean they discourage any outside input even from other church people and related programs. While this may result from an unskilled leadership, it may also be a warning that this is a cult. You should be free to listen to other biblical teachers and free to read and hear biblical material outside that group. There should be a regular influence of guest speakers and scriptural material available within that church. And the leadership should be accountable to leadership outside that group. This provides a check and balance system to prevent misuse and abuse.

I’m ready to attend church.

Now that you have some guidelines, you are ready to test your wings. We are excited for you and your family. Church can be the best experience you’ve ever had. We pray you become a vital part of a vital church environment. God bless you.


Free From Emotional Scars                                by Dr. Linda Smith

Emotional scars are sometimes referred to as generational curses, soul wounds, post-traumatic stress, etc.  There are a variety of methods and strategies to deal with the past and try to heal the person. 

I was thinking about this recently; seeking God on new strategies to help people heal and move on in life when my gaze came across my tomato plant.  Revelation can come from the weirdest places!

Although I purchased the plant at the appropriate time of year, it never bloomed or produced fruit.  No matter how I nurtured it, there were no positive results.  The plant looked healthy.  Finally a few blooms did appear, but were soon bitten off by bugs.  Poor tomato plant.  I decided I would just throw it out and give up growing tomatoes. 

By the time I got around to ridding my patio of the unproductive bush, it was late autumn and I noticed . . . A BLOOM!  The bugs hadn’t gotten to it.  Then I noticed a little tomato; small and green.  I decided to give it one last chance and some fertilizer.  More and more blooms began to appear.  The weather was turning cold so I brought it in.  I had compassion for it.

Obvious scars – Although it was now producing fruit, I noticed it still had obvious signs of the damage from its environment.  I could still see the bite marks.  It had a few brown leaves.  There were some bent branches as well.  Roots were beginning to stick out of the dirt.  Like us, the scars caused by past injury were showing.

No human solution – Even the best plant doctor could not make the scars go away.  I could prune it, but that would just be another cut that would produce a scar.  I recalled the Lord Jesus saying, “With men it is impossible.”

I remembered people I had tried to help over the years who just wouldn’t get better no matter what I tried.  Their scars were still obvious.  Their emotional wounds were there for all to see.  They were functioning, even serving the Lord, but the damage was still there.  Though the might be cut off (pruned) from the offending situation, they carried the signs of damage.

Only God – As I was taking all this into my spirit, the Lord reminded me of something else He said. “With God all things are possible.  (Matthew 19:26)

Yes Lord!  When we won’t let you take care of the wounds, the scarring remains.  Only You can remove the scars!  When Jesus healed lepers, their skin was not scarred.  There were no missing fingers or toes; no damaged cartilage.  The lepers were restored completely.

The man with the withered hand no longer lived as though he had a withered hand once he was healed by Jesus.  He lived as a whole person; restored completely.

I understood that, yes, I need to pray for the wounded souls.  Yes, I need to teach them what God says about them in His Word.  In addition, they need a deep, abiding revelation of God’s love for them.  They need to turn over their broken heart, their wounded psyche to the great Lover of our Souls, Lord Jesus.  Only God can fully deliver us from the hurts and remove the scars from the past. 

How do we accomplish this?  It’s an act of faith and love.  By faith, let God love you.  By faith, let God have the tender, still hurting parts of your mind, and emotions so God can do what only God can accomplish. 

You and I can’t rid ourselves of emotional scarring all by ourselves.  We can’t even do it with the help of others.  But with God, it is possible.  With God, all things are possible.  Trust God


Truly Clean, Dr. Linda Smith

Have you or do you know someone who struggles with feeling forgiven by God?  I have seen Christians who, once saved, understood that their sins were gone, but struggled for years with feeling truly forgiven.  This unclean feeling separates them from enjoying a full relationship with God; not on God’s part, but in their self-awareness.  They don’t have a sure sense of atonement or being at one with God.

An in-depth study of the Greek was of little help.  Usually the same Greek word is used for ‘remission’ and ‘forgiveness’ with one exception in Romans 3:25.  There the Greek word is paresis meaning a disregarding or passing over.  It is the only place paresis is used.

In all other places ‘remission and forgiveness’ are the Greek word aphesis, Strong’s number 859.  I asked Holy Spirit for an understanding of remission, forgiveness and atonement.  Holy Spirit reminded me of the law concerning leprosy.

Holy Spirit also reminded me of my past diagnosis with cancer.  With cancer, sometimes a tumor can be removed or sometimes cancer is said to be in remission.  If we are told the cancer is in remission, we get the sense that although the disease is dormant now, it could resurface at any time.  In my case, surgery removed the cancer.  The disease was gone, but the doctors still tested me for several years before declaring I was ‘cancer free’.  At that point, I felt completely restored, but not until that point.

With leprosy, when Jesus healed the leper, He told the man to present himself to the priest (Matthew 8:4).  You see, although the man’s skin was beautiful once again, the priest had to see it, receive an offering and then the man could be declared clean and re-enter society.  A leper was ceremonially and physically removed from society to prevent infecting others.

I have come to understand the removal of the leprosy is equivalent to remission.  The priest declaring the disease is indeed gone and the patient clean is equivalent to forgiveness.  The re-admittance into society is equivalent to atonement.

The same was true with the cancer I previously experienced.  The removal of the cancer was remission.  After 5 years, when the cancer didn’t return, it was like forgiveness. I had escaped a negative judgment.  Once I was declared cancer free I felt normal again; like everyone else who never had cancer.  This was a form of atonement emotionally.

When we are saved we are told our sins (up to that point) are remitted and are as far from us as east is from the west. (Psalm 103:12)  We must come to the realization that not only our past sins are remitted, but we are truly forgiven.  Only then do we have a full awareness of our atonement although it is a spiritual reality from the point of reconciliation through Christ.  Praise the Lord for grace and mercy.

If you have confessed Jesus is Lord and you believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you are saved. (Romans 10:9-10)  Your sins are remitted.  God has forgiven you.  You are at one with God (atonement).  The scriptures tell us that we ‘receive remission, forgiveness and atonement.  The word translated ‘receive’ is lambano and means to lay hold of in order to use it, to experience. 

I pray Holy Spirit help you to fully realize your salvation.  Know that your sins have been taken away, not just covered.  Know that God has love toward you and kind and has forgiven you.  Live a life that is at one with God. God is not angry. God’s grace is not on a string that is jerked back unexpectedly.  Hold your head high, throw your shoulders back and walk as one who is truly clean.




Cuando estudiamos un tema en las Escrituras, debemos recordar que las Escrituras abarcan todas las generaciones y sociedades. Si, el tiempo en que se escribió la  Biblia fue un tiempo diferente y una sociedad diferente. La gente de esos días no tenía mucho trato con muchas de las cosas que nosotros tratamos hoy. La mayoría de nuestros desafíos hoy, no son realmente nuevos. Y hay un factor muy importante que  hace irrevocable a la Escritura. Dios nunca ha cambiado. El es el mismo hoy como fue entonces, antes que lo empezáramos a conocer.


Lee Malaquías 3:6, “Porque yo soy el Señor, Y no cambio”. También lee Hebreos 13:8, Jesús Cristo es el mismo ayer, hoy y siempre. Nosotros también decimos que toda la Escritura es de Dios. En II Timoteo 3:16, “toda la Escritura es inspirada por Dios, y útil para ensenar, para redargüir, para corregir,  para instruir en justicia”. Entonces, nos guste o no, si nosotros queremos  conocer que dice la Biblia acerca de un tema, debemos tomar las Escrituras como vienen. No queramos torcerla para adaptarla a nuestros gustos y disgustos. No podemos forzarla  para que encaje dentro de una vida de incredulidad. Pero podemos cambiar una vida incrédula, en una vida llena de la gracia y misericordia de Dios, perdón y amor.


En el tema del aborto, las Escrituras son muy claras, Esto es fuerte. Pero, Yo espero que tengas  el coraje y la curiosidad para continuar leyendo y no tirar este folleto ahora.


El aborto es tan incorrecto, que había innumerables castigos para esto en Éxodos 21:22-23 “Si algunos riñeren, e hirieren a mujer embarazada, y esta abortare, pero sin haber muerte, serán penados conforme a lo que les impusiere el marido de la mujer y juzgaren los jueces. Mas si hubiere muerte, entonces pagaría vida por vida”. Esto suena mucho como a la descripción del abortista. El doctor que lastima a la mujer y causa el desprendimiento del  feto.

En los diez mandamientos nos dijeron  Éxodo  20:13 “No mataras” Esto es así de simple.

Pero la sociedad ha salido con lo que desea sea una laguna. Nosotros hemos escuchado decir que un feto no es una vida viable hasta cierto punto de la gestación. Las escrituras nos dicen una historia diferente. En Salmos 139:13-16 leemos; porque tú formaste mis entrañas; tú me hiciste en el vientre de mi madre, te alabare, porque formidables, maravillosas son tus obras, estoy maravillado y mi alma lo sabe muy bien. No fue encubierto de ti mi cuerpo, Bien en lo oculto fui formado y entretejido en lo mas profundo de la tierra.


Mi embrión vieron tus ojos, y en tu libro estaban escritas todas aquellas cosas que fueron luego formadas,  sin faltar una de ellas.


El Rey David sabía que desde el momento de la concepción, Dios conocía sus partes, desde antes que ellas fueran completamente formadas y reconocidas.


Este pasaje esta hablando de lo que la ciencia llama un embrión. Esa “cosa”,  ese”globo”, esa “masa” fue tejida por las manos de Dios. Yo entiendo que las condiciones en las cuales la concepción tiene lugar, puede ser extremadamente impía. Pero ninguno de esos pasajes habla de circunstancias específicas. Ellos no dicen nada acerca del peligro para la salud de la madre, violación, incesto, inseguridad financiera, miedo o deshonra y castigo de amigos y familia.


Ellos solo dicen que el proceso de formación de un embrión, de un huevo y un esperma, es construido por Dios, y El esta al tanto de ese proceso.


En el caso de peligro para la salud de la madre, o alguna otra circunstancia negativa, hay esperanza que Dios pueda cambiar la situación si nosotros le pedimos.


Cuando nosotros acudimos a Dios con fe, hay posibilidad de salud (Éxodo 15:26, Salmos 103:3, I Pedro 2:24) hay posibilidad de ayuda (Hebreos 4:16) hay posibilidad de una mejor vida (Juan 10:10, III Juan 2) Para las que como tu, han tenido o provocado un aborto.


Puedes sentir que es demasiado tarde para ti, puedes sentir que Dios te odia y no puedes perdonarte a ti misma. Pero Dios te ama. El hubiera querido tener el privilegio de tenerlos a ambos, a la madre y al hijo vivos y viviendo para el. Pero lo hecho, hecho esta.


A través del sacrificio de Jesucristo, nosotros tenemos remisión de pecados.


Todos nosotros tenemos un pasado. El pasado de alguna persona puede incluir el aborto, pero definitivamente incluye algunos otros pecados. Todos nosotros somos pecadores (Romanos 3:23) y todos necesitamos la sangre de Jesús a fin de que seamos reconciliados con Dios. (Juan 14:16) Vamos a leer las reconfortantes palabras de Efesios 2:4-5  “Pero Dios, que es rico en misericordia, por su gran amor con que nos amo, aun estando nosotros muertos en pecados, nos dio vida juntamente con Cristo (por gracia sois salvos)”.


Cualquiera de las circunstancias que rodean la vida de la madre y su embarazo, no importa que difícil, hay solo un culpable de las cosas que les motivaron a tomar la decisión de poner fin a una vida. En Juan 10:10 la Biblia dice, El ladrón (Satanás) no viene sino para robar, matar y destruir. Cuando nosotros dejamos que las circunstancias, el egoísmo, el miedo influyan en nuestra decisión de abortar, estamos dejando que el Demonio haga su camino. Sé que puede sonar duro en un mundo que nos da todo tipo de justificación para hacer lo que queremos.


Pero, tienes la opción de elegir, abortar a tu bebe o te gustaría que las circunstancias cambiaran y pudieras vivir una buena vida, mas que abundante, amando a tus hijos, feliz y saludable? Tienes que elegir.


Romanos 10:9-10. “Que si confesares con tu boca que Jesús es el Señor, y creyeres en tu corazón que Dios le levanto de  los muertos, serás salvo. Porque con el corazón se cree para justicia, pero con la boca se confiesa para salvación.


Una palabra más. Para esos que como tu; odia al abortista, odia a la madre que tuvo un aborto, Yo te ruego  que mas que desear  un mal para ellos, ganes al abortista y a la madre para Cristo, su testimonio seria tener a  Jesús, y para ti la recompensa en el cielo si tienes fe en ellos y les ayudas a llegar a la salvación.


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Ha habido un montón de  conflictos entre las iglesias del mundo y la comunidad gay sobre el tema de la homosexualidad contra religión.  Y han sido escritos muchos comentarios acerca de este conflicto.  La ciencia y la religión también tienen lados opuestos en este tema. Sin embargo, el mejor camino es mirar buscar y aceptar lo que dice la Biblia en relación a la homosexualidad.

Mientras hay muchos pasajes en la Biblia acerca de sexo en general, hay menos relacionados a la homosexualidad específicamente.

Vamos a empezar en Romanos 1:21-27, “pues habiendo conocido a Dios, no lo glorificaron como a Dios, ni le dieron gracias, sino que se envanecieron en sus razonamientos, y su necio corazón fue entenebrecido.  Profesando ser sabios, se hicieron necios, y cambiaron la gloria del Dios incorruptible en semejanza de imagen de hombre corruptible, de aves, de cuadrúpedos y de reptiles.

Por lo cual también Dios los entrego a la inmundicia, en las concupiscencias de sus corazones, de modo que deshonraron entre si sus propios cuerpos, ya que cambiaron la verdad de Dios por la mentira, honrando y dando culto a las criaturas antes que al Creador, el cual es bendito por los siglos, Amen.

Por esto Dios los entrego a pasiones vergonzosas, pues aun sus mujeres cambiaron el uso natural por el que es contra naturaleza, y de igual modo también los hombres, dejando el uso natural de la mujer, se encendieron en su lascivia unos con otros, cometiendo hechos vergonzosos hombres con hombres, y recibiendo en si mismos la retribución debida a su extravío” .

Este pasaje por si solo, no deja ninguna duda sobre cómo Dios se siente acerca de las actividades homosexuales.

También en  I Corintios 6:9-10 “? No sabéis que los injustos no heredaran el reino de Dios? No herréis; ni los fornicarios, ni los idolatras, ni los adúlteros, ni los afeminados, ni los que se echan con varones, ni los ladrones, ni los avaros, ni los borrachos, ni los maldicientes, ni los estafadores, heredaran el reino de Dios”.

Las actividades homosexuales fueron prohibidas bajo la ley del Viejo Testamento. Deuteronomio 23:17, “no haya ramera entre las hijas de Israel, ni haya sodomita de entre los hijos de Israel”

Nosotros vemos la actividad homosexual como parte del pecado de Sodoma y Gomorra en el Viejo Testamento con las referencias hechas al pecado de estas dos ciudades a través de la Biblia.

Lee este estudio adicional a la escritura en este folleto.

Incluso si la homosexualidad no fue nombrada específicamente en la Palabra de Dios (y si es) como un pecado, la homosexualidad todavía es vista como una actividad sexual extramarital en general contra la ley. El homosexual necesita preguntar, “?creo en la ciencia de los hombres o en la ley de Dios?”

En Romanos 3:4 nosotros leemos, “sea Dios veraz, y todo hombre mentiroso.”

Por la misma razón, la iglesia debería ser como Cristo, en sus relaciones con los homosexuales. Dios odia el pecado en todos nosotros. Nosotros no podemos cargar un pecado y cubrir este mal con otro pecado. Pecado es pecado. Pero Cristo pago el precio por los pecados. En Hebreos 2:9 “Pero vemos a aquel que fue hecho un poco menor que los ángeles, a Jesús, coronado de gloria y de honra, a causa del padecimiento de la muerte, para que por la gracia de Dios gustase la muerte por todos.

Jesús pago el precio por toda la humanidad.

Incluso a esos de Sodoma y Gomorra se les pr

oporciono un camino de salida. Isaías 1:9-10 “si Jehová de los ejércitos no nos hubiese dejado un resto pequeño, como Sodoma fuéramos y semejantes a Gomorra.

Y en Isaías 1:18-20 “Venid luego, dice Jehová y estemos a cuenta: si vuestros pecados fueren como la grana,  como la nieve serán emblanquecidos; si fueren rojos como el carmesí, vendrán a ser como blanca lana. Si no quisiereis y fuereis rebeldes, seréis consumidos a espada; porque la boca de Jehová lo ha dicho.

La homosexualidad fue parte del pecado de Sodoma y Gomorra. Y porque ellos se rehusaron a ser obedientes a Dios, se convirtieron en la marca del pecado (Por supuesto, Sodoma es de donde tomamos la palabra sodomía)

Entonces, si tú eres un homosexual o estas enamorado de un homosexual, ellos tienen la misma oportunidad también. Esto es, aceptar a Jesús como señor y confiar que Dios te dará fuerzas para cambiar tu vida y dejar ese pecado.  Romanos 10:9-10  ”Que si confesares con tu boca que Jesús es el Señor, y creyeres en tu corazón que Dios le levanto de los muertos, serás salvo. Porque con el corazón se cree para justicia, pero con la boca se confiesa para salvación”.

Leer escrituras adicionales en este tema:

Viejo testamento:

Génesis 13:13, 18:16-33 y capitulo 19

Isaías 3:9

Ezequiel 16:49-50

Nuevo testamento:

Mateo 10:15

Romanos 9:29

II Pedro 2:6


Una nota final: Si tu eres un homosexual y estas buscando la verdad de Dios respecto a este estilo de vida, nosotros te animamos a buscar una iglesia que busque activamente ayudar a personas a cambiar su estilo de vida a una vida como Cristo, una vida santa.

Una iglesia que sea capaz de aceptarte con santo amor, a pesar de rechazar el estilo de vida homosexual, y te ayude a liberarte de esa esclavitud así como de cualquier otro pecado. Dios te bendiga en tu búsqueda.

Si tú eres un Cristiano que tiene odio en su corazón por los homosexuales, te invitamos a buscar al Señor.  Odiar a la gente es un pecado también y tú necesitas volverte de eso y ordenarlo para servir a Dios con tu máximo esfuerzo.

Nosotros oramos para que encuentres el amor de Dios por tus hermanos y la sabiduría para ayudarles a llegar al trono de la gracia.

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